Meet Linq, the world's first mixed-reality headset.

Linq brings the best of virtual and augmented reality together. Using advanced sensing technology that perceives and understands the world around you, Linq lets you play games like never before in a world where the real and virtual merge seamlessly.

Dynamic Space Mapping
Experience mixed-reality gaming on a large-scale with a true sense of presence. Interact with life-size virtual objects that perceive space and people and move intelligently through your room.
World-scale Tracking

Walk, jump, crouch and dodge projectiles! Linq's built-in cameras understand how you move in space and provide 6-DoF inside-out positional tracking. No external sensors.

Native Stereo Vision

Linq stereo imaging technology mimics the way we perceive the world. Virtual elements blend seamlessly in the real world, in a far more realistic way than any other AR device.

Get superpowers in real-life.
Turn your living room into a battlefield.